Elect Conny Glenn

Kingston City Council

Candidate for Sydenham



Sydenham students, welcome! I recognize the integral role you play in our community and respect your constituent needs. If you vote for me I will represent you fairly, just as I would any other Sydenham resident.  My priorities to support you are as follows:

Increase dedicated spaces for students to gather and participate in social and leisure activities.

Support licensing landlords to improve student housing conditions and maintenance.

Foster positive relationships between residents and students with a ‘Good Neighbours’ initiative. We welcome you to be our neighbours while you’re here.

Advocate for increased mental health supports and services.

Protect and support our shared community spaces and environment.


Residents of Sydenham I’ve pledged to improve the relationship with Queen’s students. Many of the initiatives and priorities that I’ll be supporting will prove mutually beneficial. 

Increasing leisure spaces recognizes the importance socializing has on our physical and mental health. 

Supporting the licensing of landlords allows the city to make Sydenham a clean, safe and enjoyable place for everyone to live.

We all want to have good neighbours. That comes from having a shared sense of community and understanding of each other. 

The pandemic has driven an increase in mental health challenges and we will all need support to be healthy and resilient.

The environment is the issue of our time. Protecting green spaces, climate mitigation strategies and fixing infrastructure are what we can do to keep Sydenham and the planet livable for us all.

In Sydenham we have the opportunity to be a team. An opportunity to create a community that serves us all and addresses the issues of our time. Vote for someone you can count on to realize our shared community vision, vote for fearless and compassionate, vote for CONNY!

Conny is a compassionate leader known for her fearless advocacy for the health and well-being of our communities.


She knows that our physical and mental health is directly related to the health of our environment, the health of our economy and institutions, the health of our communities and relationships, and the health of our government. In putting her name forward she brings a new perspective and fresh ideas for Kingston.


As I canvassed the district these past few weeks, I’ve heard from you about the environment, homelessness, crosswalks, development, and so much more. What was clear in every conversation was the concern and the passion you have for our Kingston community. I am asking you to let me take your concerns and passions to city hall. These are the priorities that I will focus on as your councillor. 

  • Safeguarding Sydenham District and Kingston’s Heritage by supporting the preservation of heritage properties and ensuring that aesthetics are a required criteria for building. Consider a moratorium on housing being permitted to be sold for rental purposes.
  • Reducing homelessness by supporting a formalized approach to caring for our homeless population that houses them and provides support for health issues. 
  • Reducing food insecurity by advancing advocacy efforts to other levels of government to improve disability support payments and work to attract indoor year round farming businesses such as hydroponics.
  • A ‘Good Neighbours’ initiative to address issues with Queen’s that includes improving and enforcing property standards, and deterring excessive partying.
  • Building smart and improving affordable housing options.
  • Repairing and improving our infrastructure to save the city money over the long term. For example, every $1 spent on roads yields future savings of $6-7. 
  • Improving healthcare and healthcare delivery in Kingston by pressing for the inclusion of a greater variety of health professions to support prevention and rehabilitation efforts. 
  • Improving the walking and cycling safety of our streets with cross walks, and proper maintenance.
  • Protecting and supporting the environment and climate mitigation strategies.
  • Attracting and retaining new businesses and a strong workforce.
  • Creating a 15 minute city and a 100km diet (grow local, eat local). Encouraging building that allows people to access amenities within 15 minutes of their home and urban farming to improve sustainable food supply.

The Leader

Conny has improved choice, access, and safety in health care by spearheading the regulation of Kinesiology as a health care profession, and becoming the inaugural President of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. During that process she consulted with the government and advocated for the inclusion of other health professionals such as personal support workers in the regulatory model, knowing the valuable contribution they make to our seniors. As a result of her work she was asked to address the international Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation regarding, ‘Regulation of Emerging Professions’.



As a member of the Board of Public Health for KFL&A she advocated for increased support for prevention and promotion measures in our broader society, and sound the alarm on the long funding freeze to public health.

 She also spoke out against clawbacks to disability support; championed the reinstatement of physical educators and nurses in our schools; backed initiatives to decrease OPIOID deaths; and advanced a motion during the pandemic to support a basic income for Canadians.

As a past member of a Legal Aid Review committee Conny understands the importance of people getting equal access to justice and fair representation. She’s speaking out about the cuts to legal aid that are leaving people during the most difficult times (custody hearings etc.) fending for themselves.

Most recently Conny has become a member of the Rehabilitative Care Alliance in Ontario, contributing to the review of rehabilitative care in hospitals, long term care and the community at large. 

Well recognized as an educator, Conny has created mentorhsip and learning opportunities for students and young professionals via work placements, mentorship programs, and conferences showcasing the work of national and international experts.

She has been duly recognized by the Institute for Work and Health as an Educational Influential in matters of worker health and safety. She contributed to the development of the MSD guideline that has created safer workplaces in Ontario.

Conny has an admirable record speaking and working with employers, other health professionals, and groups such as the Ontario Hospital Association, the Industrial Accident Prevention Association and the Arthritis Society to name but a few, as well as global audiences.

In the February 2022 edition of Occupational Health and Safety Canada an article that Conny co-authored on Cognitive Health in the Workplace was highlighted.


About Conny

Conny grew up 90 minutes east of Kingston in Long Sault and attended the University of Waterloo, graduating with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Kinesiology. Following graduation she moved to Toronto. Faced with a recession she started her own consulting business in health, safety and wellness 25 years ago, which she still owns and operates. Conny and her husband then moved to Kingston, proudly making it their home. They’ve enjoyed the unique opportunity to pursue outdoor interests while enjoying great culture, entertainment and education. They have four adult sons and three grandchildren. Conny is an avid hiker, gardener, and sci-fi enthusiast.

Donor list – this campaign is self-financed and has not accepted donations from special interest groups or individuals representing businesses or organizations.

My Positions

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 Cities, like Kingston, increasingly are responsible for the delivery of more programs and services, with increased accountabilities to provincial and federal levels of government. Choose a councillor who can  advocate for your local interests at every level.


Local politics is a team effort. Conny welcomes you to join her team. Reach out and let her know what matters to you. See you at SENS.


Available Sunday at SENS Cafe from 3:00pm – 4:00pm to hear your concerns and ideas. Except for holiday weekends.


Make Sure You Are Registered


On-line Voting

Instructions can be found in your ‘Elector Information Notice’ mailed to voters in mid to late September. Registration for Internet Voting is open until 5:00pm on October 24th.

In-Person Voting

Advanced Voting Locations and Dates

Central Library 130 Johnson St. (in Sydenham District),  as well as Invista Centre, Isabel Turner Library, Kingston East Community Centre, Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, Rideau Heights Community Centre.

October 18 & 19 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
October 20 – 12:00pm – 8:00pm
October 21&22 – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Election Day Voting for Sydenham

Winston Churchill Elementary School 
530 Earl St. 
10:00am – 8:00pm